Case da Abitare

California Dreaming. Styling by Studio Pepe, Milano Italy

Case da Abitare

Big-Game. Design studio based in Lausanne Switzerland


Canadian furniture company. Catalogue

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Interiors / Stills

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der : die : das :

Monothematic magazine made in Zurich, which examines items, objects and various “things” from everyday life

Setdesign for all series: Aleli Leal

b like “Büroklammer” (paper clip) 

b wie Büroklammer

a like Apple

a wie Apfel

c like Corduroy. Styling Nadja Aebi. Hair&Make-up: Nicola Fischer / Helve Leal

c wie Cord

d like “Dose” (can)

d wie Dose

e like Eis

e wie Eis

f like “Fernglas” (binocular) 

f wie Fernglas

g like “Glühbirne” (light bulb)

g wie Glühbirne

Contact /

h like Hammer

h wie Hammer

Golden Watches for Gentlemen’s Report

Styling by Aleli Leal

Poppy flowers for Finest

i like Identity

i wie Identität


The Landi chair